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Hiking in Deutschnofen – a hiking holiday in the Dolomites

You wake up and the day greets you with a gigantic view: mountains as far as the eye can see! What could be more apt than to lace up your hiking boots and head out? Hiking in Deutschnofen, your hiking holiday in the Dolomites, rewards you with unforgettable moments: Discover the breathtaking hiking possibilities ranging from leisurely walks to conquering the summits. Mountain bikers and e-bikers will find countless opportunities here too, and there are unique experiences for everyone close by. Examples include the Bletterbach gorge, the geoparc on the Bletterbach, or the Latemarium, an adventure and hiking programme based around the Latemar, a Unesco world natural heritage site.

When nature picks up a paintbrush and palette...

Anyone who has seen the colourful glow of the Dolomites in the sunset will (happily) never forget the moment!

Hans Messner

Hiking in the Dolomites

As we’ve already said, the view of the spectacular mountains awakens you with a kiss!  Not for nothing are the Dolomites among the most popular natural spectacles for adventurers, leisure hikers and explorers. The unique rocks entice people to visit with countless possibilities – a vivid dream in the airy heights! We will provide you with tips and will be happy to pass on interesting facts and useful information about rustic alpine chalets, magnificent hiking possibilities and unique natural surroundings.

mountain bike rental deutschnofen

Mountain bikes & e-bikes

It’s great that almost directly outside our front door, about 150 m away, there is a mountain bike and e-bike hire shop. You can get going from there – or if you wish you can have your 2 wheels delivered – in either case there’s nothing standing in the way of a fantastic trip!

Your summer in Deutschnofen - an active holiday in the Eggental Valley

The legendary Eggental is utterly magnificent in summer. Round every corner adventures and gigantic natural spectacles await. The two best known giants in the Dolomites – the Rosengarten and Latemar – are just waiting to be explored. The unique hiker’s paradise, with its dark green lakes and fabulous facilities for bikers offers authentic adventures and tours of exploration. The pleasant village of Deutschnofen is the starting point for enthusiastic climbers and motorbike riders in the Dolomites. The Bletterbach Gorge, the geopark on the Bletterbach and the Latemarium, an exploration and hiking amenity around the Unesco World Heritage site of the Latemar, are fantastic for adventurers and leisure hikers.